Friday, March 22, 2013

New Names Aplenty!

First of all... let me tell you the trailer for Game of Thrones looks amazing!! But lets start by introducing you to some of the new cast members who are joining this fantastic series!

Game of Thrones

And the third series looks like its going to be nothing less than epic... just like the two seasons is a sneak peak 

If you haven't started watching this have no idea what you are missing out on..yes the show lives up to the hype... totally!!!

Some sad news... one of the shows we highly recommend on the blog here is Homeland

Henry Bromell, the Emmy Award winning executive producer for the series died.  We salute his great mind. RIP Henry Bromell

Now for some new names! 


its an interesting murder mystery... British...... take a look at the trailer and decide for yourself

If you are looking for a light comedy to watch.. take a look at...

Burning Love

Its a comedy script that totally disses The Bachelor and The Bachelorette!! it has its moments for sure 

Its a spoof ... and a show to zombie out on... good if you are tired and don't want to watch anything heavy

Once the kids get over Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars... looks like the new show on the block may take up their viewing time


Psycho murder mystery meets high school shenanigans!! Don't have a trailer for you yet.. but will keep an eye out  

Back to the adults... if you enjoyed Psycho... yes the film from 1960, there is now tv series out that is sort of the prequel to Psycho... kind of explains why Norman Bates became who he did...

Bates Motel

It is a psychological thriller... and promises to be an interesting series as far as the characters and relationships are concerned..

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Saturday, March 9, 2013

More New stuff... Brits Leading !

Brit television has really taken the lead this week.. apart from the usual fare... now there are a few new shows that I would like to introduce to you

Apparently Lightfields is similar to another show that I am not familiar with so made no difference to me... it is an intriguing show and so far two episodes have been aired.. its a spooky thriller with spirits haunting the living type of if you enjoy that kind of thing... Lightfields should be added to your list

Another British show that just started is a murder mystery called Mayday

and here is the trailer.... 

But the British show that has me completely hooked is Call the Midwife!! and with Chummy's return this week... I am super will know what I mean when you watch the show :)

Trailer is below... prepare to fall in love 

another worthy show started on the History Channel...The Vikings

Very well done and definitely worth your time

Now a couple of new American shows have started...they are interesting but of course waiting to see how they develop... first up is Zero Hour

This is show asks you to seriously stretch your  imagination but if you don't mind... then you may enjoy this

Then of course there is Red Widow

The fact that this is from the screenwriter of the Twilight series could be worrisome but for now.. going to keep an eye on this to see how it develops..

and if you are still in the mood for silly mindless lovey type stuff... here is another new show

ABC has picked it up for 13 episodes and depending on our feedback and reaction...they will then see whether it should continue or not... would be great to get your feedback on the show here too! and here is the trailer for you!

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