Saturday, June 15, 2013

Back After A Hiatus

I apologise for my long absence... first the elections in Pakistan had me busy and of course with me about to travel again.. had my hands full. Well I am sure you don't need to be told about this show.. you have to literally be living out under a rock somewhere if you have not heard about the...

Game of Thrones

The video below is the trailer for the finale....though episode 9 was the real shocker for me... and no I haven't read the books so I was taken by surprise... If I haven't said this before... let me say it here.. a MUST watch series for sure 

I was recently drawn to a new Australian series ....that is pretty disturbing... but not to the point of making it something I can't watch. For example I gave up Hannibal and Bates Motel for the reason that it just got too dark. Check this one out... 


Series is based on a women's prison and its inmates... their dynamics and of course their own personal histories and demons... very interesting new series for sure...I give it the thumbs up!

Another one of my fav shows and one not to be missed by those looking for something juicy to sink their teeth into is of course

The Borgias

Jeremy Irons is of course fantastic... but the entire cast is just as fabulous... I have spoken about this show before.. and it is certainly worth mentioning again... here is a 

and now the link for Season 3's trailer

This is NOT a show to be missed... don't say you weren't told ... 

Another show that I am absolutely loving.. first of all because its a great show.. .another murder mystery suspense thriller but not to dark and heavy to make you want to give up like Hannibal and others of that genre... and secondly.. great to see Gillian Anderson back on screen. I was recommended this show by my friend +Shoaib Taimur  and grateful for it! 

The Fall

This is an original British drama by BBC Two.. and very well written script.. first season already out.. so get it if you can

Another series that just saw the end of the first season.. and which I enjoyed quite a bit

De Vinci's Demons

A fun watch for sure... if that is what you are looking for

and Season 2 has just started of another very interesting show.. 

Magic City

Set in the late 50's in Miami, Florida shortly after the Cuban revolution, Gambling,  Casino lifestyle and of course .. the mob.... again... well written script with fantastic characters... worth the watch..

The above is the trailer from Season 1

If you are looking for something light and frivolous.. a new comedy has started

Its quirky and funny and has its moments.. its a nice break in between the heavy shows :)

on that note.... here is another comedy about someone who "suddenly finds God"

Save Me

short episodes... but funny and engaging... and its Anne Heche after a long time

Oh and lastly .. if you have been following this .. the new season has started... 

Switched At Birth

Good family show about two young girls who were ... switched at birth... and then the families meet up... and well the living arrangements become complicated.. fun watch again.. this is the preview for season 3 that started up again this summer. Fantastic how they incorporate hearing impaired cast so seamlessly into the cast.. and is encouraging for deaf actors.. 

Oscar winner Marlee Martin said this was the first show where she could really be herself.. read all about it here

That's it for now folks.. will try to be more regular again.. hope you enjoy the shows I have posted here, and of course if you do.. spread the love :)

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Lots of Goodies

Of course if you are already a fan...then I don't need to tell you this...but if you haven't seen it yet... have you been living under a rock??? Game of Thrones has started up again.. TV heaven is here

Game of Thrones

And here is the trailer for Season 3... 

Speaking of television heaven... Spartacus finally ended with its third and final season


War of the Damned

What a brilliant series this was and I have to say I am sad to see it end

But there are a couple of new series that have started... and since we have been so intense..let start with something light

How to live with your Parents

Its a silly comedy... but given all the intense stuff out there.. its nice to have no brainers to cleanse the palate from time to time

If you enjoy girlie tv... and you enjoyed Sex in the City.. here is a show for you

The Carrie Diaries

This is a show that will take back to 1984... to seeing how Carrie Bradshaw became Carrie!

Now if all of the above are not doing it for you because documentaries are more your style.. found a  great documentary about Egypt

Ancient Egypt: Life and Death in the Valley of the Kings

Dr Joann Fletcher does a great job of taking us into the everyday lives of Ancient Egypt. I couldn't find a trailer but I did find the first episode..I'm sure you can find the second 

I am going to mention this show again because I don't see it getting the attention it really should


Fantastic writing... the initial dialogues of the first episode may have been a bit cheesy but this show has really grown into its own

If you enjoy Scifi... here is a show that is a fun watch.. based on the premise that we lost all power, electricity, internet... everything gone... then what?


This new show started late last year and has picked up again this year in March

Something else that started up this year... if you enjoyed Silence of the Lambs.. take a look at 


its just as creepy... and definitely worth a watch.. be warned.. viewer discretion is advised

And an interesting new British drama has started which has started off well

Orphan Black

very interesting premise... I'm following up on it... 

And last for the television update .. but NOT the least.. am loving it from the onset

DeVinci's Demons

Want to know about the secret history of Leonardo Da Vinci? This is the show to watch

I am hooked already !!

And now for all Downton Abbey fans.. those of you who will miss "Mathew" Dan Stevens from the series.. well this June  you can see what he has been up to... looks very interesting..

Summer in February

and of course the trailer ....comes out June 14 2013

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Movie Finally and more TV Stuff

Now I personally love documentaries... specially those that are well done. The History Channel has really outdone itself with its new series. Its not done as a documentary but its steeped in historical facts yet entertaining at the same time


This has been really well done and certainly well worth your time 

Finally managed to watch a film this week. And after a long time.. really enjoyed it

Perks of Being a Wallflower

It is the most delightful film..... you will need a Kleenex box handy have been warned

Another show that I probably have not mentioned enough here is one of my favourite shows

The Good Wife

Script is great.. one falls in love with the characters... love love love it. Putting up a different trailer for you this time... hope you get tempted enough to watch it for yourself

speaking of fun shows here is another one that is in its second season and totally addictive


Just when you think the story is finally wrapping up... a new twist is thrown in keeping you hooked

And from my list of favs.. another one gets on my list... 

the Mindy project

Yes Mindy Kaling's voice (the STAR) of the show, is annoying. Sometimes very annoying. But its a funny light show.. and I try not to miss any of the episodes...

Now before I leave you to go rushing off to catch up on all these wonderful shows and of course the film if you haven't caught it already.. just want to remind  you to please leave a comment or you can write to me at

Friday, March 22, 2013

New Names Aplenty!

First of all... let me tell you the trailer for Game of Thrones looks amazing!! But lets start by introducing you to some of the new cast members who are joining this fantastic series!

Game of Thrones

And the third series looks like its going to be nothing less than epic... just like the two seasons is a sneak peak 

If you haven't started watching this have no idea what you are missing out on..yes the show lives up to the hype... totally!!!

Some sad news... one of the shows we highly recommend on the blog here is Homeland

Henry Bromell, the Emmy Award winning executive producer for the series died.  We salute his great mind. RIP Henry Bromell

Now for some new names! 


its an interesting murder mystery... British...... take a look at the trailer and decide for yourself

If you are looking for a light comedy to watch.. take a look at...

Burning Love

Its a comedy script that totally disses The Bachelor and The Bachelorette!! it has its moments for sure 

Its a spoof ... and a show to zombie out on... good if you are tired and don't want to watch anything heavy

Once the kids get over Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars... looks like the new show on the block may take up their viewing time


Psycho murder mystery meets high school shenanigans!! Don't have a trailer for you yet.. but will keep an eye out  

Back to the adults... if you enjoyed Psycho... yes the film from 1960, there is now tv series out that is sort of the prequel to Psycho... kind of explains why Norman Bates became who he did...

Bates Motel

It is a psychological thriller... and promises to be an interesting series as far as the characters and relationships are concerned..

Have fun and happy viewing! Please feel free to leave a comment and /or write to me at

Saturday, March 9, 2013

More New stuff... Brits Leading !

Brit television has really taken the lead this week.. apart from the usual fare... now there are a few new shows that I would like to introduce to you

Apparently Lightfields is similar to another show that I am not familiar with so made no difference to me... it is an intriguing show and so far two episodes have been aired.. its a spooky thriller with spirits haunting the living type of if you enjoy that kind of thing... Lightfields should be added to your list

Another British show that just started is a murder mystery called Mayday

and here is the trailer.... 

But the British show that has me completely hooked is Call the Midwife!! and with Chummy's return this week... I am super will know what I mean when you watch the show :)

Trailer is below... prepare to fall in love 

another worthy show started on the History Channel...The Vikings

Very well done and definitely worth your time

Now a couple of new American shows have started...they are interesting but of course waiting to see how they develop... first up is Zero Hour

This is show asks you to seriously stretch your  imagination but if you don't mind... then you may enjoy this

Then of course there is Red Widow

The fact that this is from the screenwriter of the Twilight series could be worrisome but for now.. going to keep an eye on this to see how it develops..

and if you are still in the mood for silly mindless lovey type stuff... here is another new show

ABC has picked it up for 13 episodes and depending on our feedback and reaction...they will then see whether it should continue or not... would be great to get your feedback on the show here too! and here is the trailer for you!

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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Fun Week!

Television was so much fun this week!!! Came across a new BBC Two mini series. If you have enjoyed the stuff I  have enjoyed that means you and I have similar taste... in which case you have to watch

Dancing On The Edge

The show is about a black jazz band in London in the early 1930's and I strongly recommend it. High drama, and as the tag line says... a story of love, music and ambition... THUMBS UP!!

Suits finale finally aired and I have to say... I expected more from the finale.. felt like a bit of a let down...but its a great show.. and I'm sure the next season will kick butt again!!

Another one of a series I avidly followed started again with its third season

Body of Proof

This show seems to get better with time.. it really has developed really well... if you haven't caught it yet... catch up quick.. the third season just began.. so do a marathon weekend and you will be all caught up. Don't have a trailer yet.. but as soon as I find one ... I will of course post it up here for you

Greys Anatomy

... has become fantastic again... its picked up and feels like the writers are all excited again... really enjoyed this week's episode

If you are not up to speed on the show ... don't watch the trailer... but get up to speed.. is worth your time 

Now if you are into mini series.. one I recently came across though it came out in 1999, is 

Wives & Daughters

very Jane Austin type of story.. and again worth your time if you enjoy period dramas

and of course 


I can't say this enough...if you are not watching are missing out on a fab show..

This  is a trailer from Season 2....

And last but not least a brand new British comedy on Sky Living called

The Spa

Unfortunately the British are also very slow in getting promotional material no trailer for this either..its a light comedy and is good if you have just seen something heavy and want quick light entertainment. Happy viewing and of course leave a comment and/or write to me

Monday, February 18, 2013

Suits Has Great Writing

I said it before and I say it again...if you haven't started watching Suits are missing out on some fantastic television..very clever scripting and the characters are great

The finale is next week... and one that I am sure will have me screaming for the next season to begin pronto... so if you are not up to speed yet.. what are you waiting for? Here is a trailer from Season 1.. hope it gets you scramming to get your dvds!

Now if you are into politically incorrect humor... then perhaps Newsreaders is for you

Its quirky, funny.. very politically incorrect and only 10 minutes long.. so makes for an amusing few minutes if you don't feel like getting into anything serious but want some quick light entertainment

another riveting series... despite some of the initial dialogue in the first episode being a bit off putting is Scandal

The script again is great entertainment with all the intrigues one requires... fantastic fun! Here is a trailer for Season 2 of this series including some behind the scenes chats with some of the stars of the show

Now one of the new shows that have just started and has me totally hooked.. is The Following

Its absolutely brilliant and if you are into thrillers... you HAVE to watch this.. absolutely brilliant television..the suspense will have you on the edge of your seat without a doubt

Well that's my contribution for this time... Happy Viewing ... and as always .. please leave a comment or you can write to me at