Saturday, January 26, 2013

Savages, Girls and Spartacus!

Films have been so disappointing in 2012 for the most part...which is why my focus was more on television as there seemed to be more entertaining programming happening there!

With all the hullabaloo about Osama Bin Laden..enemy numero uno for the US I expected a fantastic film with Hollywood magic to boot... but all i can say is ....yawn....

So... when Kathryn Bigelow's name came up as the director for Zero Dark thirty.. naturally I was excited.. considering how fantastic Hurt Locker was

then along come Zero Dark Thirty..

and I wonder where Kathryn's brilliance went...specially since the film has been nominated for several awards...then again anything to do with OBL was bound to get some kind of positive attention 

But a film I saw recently that I did enjoy was Oliver Stone's Savages

very disturbing but enjoyed watching it nonetheless... 

Back to television... Girls is back for a second season on HBO

a very quirky show... and certainly not to be seen around the kids....

and for those of you television junkies... Spartacus is BACK!!

War of the Damned has started... yay to great TV... 

Well these are my ramblings for this time folks... happy viewing.. please leave a comment or write to me at

Monday, January 21, 2013

Seasons Resume!!

ah... what a wonderful television week..seasons have resumed... and the second season of Call The Midwife has started...which has me humming away with joy... 

If you haven't seen this yet... I strongly suggest you get to it... it really is a beautiful show with loveable characters

and ..... SUITS finally started up again.... Thank you TV Gods.... speaking of characters and brilliant dialogue

and here is a trailer for Season 2's return....

and of course there is Revenge

yes the script is like a more classy version of the Bold & the Beautiful but it keeps the viewer engaged

and if you don't mind spoilers

and before I leave you... remember me mentioning a new season Deception?

second episode of the first season just aired... and so far...I'm liking it

finally found a trailer... take a look and then decide for yourself :)

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Additions To Playlist

Mr Selfridge finally started..

Now the scoop is that the BBC were not happy when ITV's Downton Abbey became a global phenomenon and totally overshadowed Upstairs Downstairs... but hell hath no fury... and they got their revenge by forcing ITV to delay their period Drama Mr Selfridge for their own similar period drama which I mentioned earlier on my blog... The Paradise

Here is a trailer for Mr Selfridge

and to be honest... I don't think this will be the next Downton Abbey... somehow one doesn't really believe the characters... and The Paradise is so much warmer and pulls you in so much easier

There are two more shows that have started that you may find interesting but before I get into that....

has started up again...yay!! Now if you haven't seen this yet... and yes the title put me off in the beginning as well...but its a fun watch and was counted as one of the top ten case you haven't seen it is the trailer from the first is currently running into its fourth season

A new series that just started and caught my eye is....

Bunheads just got up to its 11th episode of the first season... I personally just caught the first episode and it has strange twists and turns and now has me eagerly wondering what happens next... will keep you posted on this... creator of Gilmore Girls now gives us this new series...

and the last new show that I wanted to share with you that I am enjoying.. only two episodes have been aired... I have only caught the first one... it is called Privates. Based in the 60's .. this is a mini series about eight young men who undertake basic military training as the end of the era of deference meets the world of rock and roll... sadly couldn't find  any pics or a trailer for you but do give it a look... iI think you will quite enjoy it... you know where to write me or leave a comment...happy viewing :)

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Back To Normal

Now that the Christmas and New Year hysteria is over... television is back to normal... In the USA many are cheering the start of the 3rd season of Downton Abbey... from those of us who have seen have good reason... don't forget to watch the Christmas special AFTER you have finished the 3rd season..

here is the trailer....

and here is a little nugget I came across... 

And of course The Big Bang Theory is back.... fantastic comedy... 

and of course the trailer for season 6

Now King Arthur was my childhood hero... and I must have read King Arthur and his knights of the round table a thousand times... a series started out that only had one season

It was a brilliant season and I really wish it had been taken forward...but even just one season is worth the watch....

I was so disappointed when they didn't get the ratings they needed to carry this on...but there is another series... which is not as serious... but its a fun watch nonetheless ... and there are 5 seasons to this series...with 13 episodes for each season... 

and of course here is the trailer for you to see for youself if this would interest you

BBC does it again... 

A new show makes an entrance... a bit strange and I haven't made up my mind about it yet

Gambling addiction... strange sexual behaviour.... high rollers... yet it seems to be directed by someone who has worked in music videos more than shows.... it is rather slow... the pilot has been aired and I am keen to see if the show picks up or if it will fall to the wayside like many others... it has the potential to go somewhere so shall wait and see if it merits a MUST WATCH or is never mentioned again... no trailer out yet... but will keep you posted :) Happy viewing... please feel free to leave a comment... or write to me at