Sunday, January 6, 2013

Back To Normal

Now that the Christmas and New Year hysteria is over... television is back to normal... In the USA many are cheering the start of the 3rd season of Downton Abbey... from those of us who have seen have good reason... don't forget to watch the Christmas special AFTER you have finished the 3rd season..

here is the trailer....

and here is a little nugget I came across... 

And of course The Big Bang Theory is back.... fantastic comedy... 

and of course the trailer for season 6

Now King Arthur was my childhood hero... and I must have read King Arthur and his knights of the round table a thousand times... a series started out that only had one season

It was a brilliant season and I really wish it had been taken forward...but even just one season is worth the watch....

I was so disappointed when they didn't get the ratings they needed to carry this on...but there is another series... which is not as serious... but its a fun watch nonetheless ... and there are 5 seasons to this series...with 13 episodes for each season... 

and of course here is the trailer for you to see for youself if this would interest you

BBC does it again... 

A new show makes an entrance... a bit strange and I haven't made up my mind about it yet

Gambling addiction... strange sexual behaviour.... high rollers... yet it seems to be directed by someone who has worked in music videos more than shows.... it is rather slow... the pilot has been aired and I am keen to see if the show picks up or if it will fall to the wayside like many others... it has the potential to go somewhere so shall wait and see if it merits a MUST WATCH or is never mentioned again... no trailer out yet... but will keep you posted :) Happy viewing... please feel free to leave a comment... or write to me at


  1. Two broke girls and whitney. Try these two if u r not already on it.

  2. hey...thanks for the input... yeah I started both of these comedies but I found them annoying after a while.... have you been following them all the way through?

  3. Yeah you are right whitney is kinda annoying. I started it recently but they overdid it. But two broke girls is kinda funny. Well you cant expect more from the creator of sex and the city.