Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Discoveries!!!

Long weekend this weekend and I was moping around wondering what I could do that would be interesting.. have a sprained ankle so can't go television it would have to be and .... I came across this... all I can say is WOW

The first episode is a bit slow but I was hooked by the second. The supporting cast is fantastic.. and I fell in love with all the characters... reminded me almost of my boarding school experience which was run by Irish nuns at the time. The first season is out as well as a Christmas special... there are only 6 episodes in the first season.. and I don't know if the male audience would love the show... but do give it a go... I am hooked...oh and PS. Yes a second season has been scheduled for March !

Another series that caught my eye because of my love for Downton Abbey, Michelle Dockery better known as Lady Mary Crawley from the series was in it. Though the major roles are with Haley Atwell and Rufus Sewell... This is a BBC Spy thriller ..its a two part series and a fun watch

Looks like I will be making some film discoveries over this weekend as well.... and shall continue to share as I come across these wonderful treasures. By the way if you haven't already seen this another production that I absolutely loved and recommend is 

I love the juxtoposition between the story of what was happening in the 40's and today... Its the first time I have come across a western production that tells the story of the Jewish settlers coming to Palestine with .. what I think is a more balanced view... the Jewish community may not agree... not sure... but regardless...its a fantastic series and a must watch for sure.. only 4 episodes though each episode is quite long...Channel 4 has done a fantastic job with this! 

Well that's it for this week...hope you enjoy the new year and as always..Happy Viewing :) you can leave a comment here or write to me at

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