Sunday, December 23, 2012

Homeland Gets 4 Stars!!

Oh My God!!! just when I thought Homeland was going to get all sappy and was beginning to become anticlimatic and humdrum... the last episode was a game changer

The script just got better and we have gotten back to the state of wondering where the hell will the story go. I don't like to post plots on my blog as I feel it spoils it for people who are still catching up or want to see the show...if you haven't already... WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? The trailer below is for Season 2 Episode 11 so if you are not there yet... don't watch this

Now I know some reviews have been out where they talk about Homeland spreading Islamaphobia ..Some critics say it is Not Islamaphobic and some say it is. I personally don't think it is..I think the show has some inaccuracies regarding Islam but its a show.. that is amazing...

Speaking of amazing shows... I cannot wait till the 17th of January 2013. Why you ask? Have you heard of Suits?

Another brilliant show that I am a huge fan of ... great scripting.. brilliant characters and great dialogue..all in all... an hour well spent if you enjoy legal dramas ... very entertaining! Suits is in its second season and is between episodes right now... the remaining 6 episodes are to be aired... too short a season in my opinion... LOVE the show... trailer below is for Season 1

And YES you need to catch up fast!!! well that's it for today folks... please feel free to recommend a show I may not have covered yet.. or a film... or a documentary... you can do that in the comment box or you can write to me at Happy holidays and Happy Viewing ! :)


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  2. Thank you so much for your response.... :) I hope you will continue to enjoy the recommendations I put forward here on my blog :)