Monday, December 17, 2012

Hate Christmas or Themed Episodes

So Christmas is upon us and its really tough for avid tv viewers as everyone seems to catch the bug and try to work in the seasonal themes and usually making the episode a miserable one to watch. I turned my attention to movies and of course... Life of Pi is finally here

I just absolutely LOVED it... The director Ang Lee has done a fantastic job... its not easy trying to make a film about a boy trapped at sea on a lifeboat with a Bengal Tiger for days interesting... yet the film is fantastic... the visual effects were absolutely stunning and deserve a special mention... and of course the fact that it earned 3 Golden Globe nominations including Best Picture-Drama and Best Director. But Life of Pi isn't for everyone... specially those who are not philosophically inclined...(my husband for example hated it)

Those of you who have started or following Scandal as per my recommendation... had a great week.. can't wait for the new episodes to come in... now for some comedy..

Now this is a fun quirky comedy.... naturally its light entertainment...but there aren't really any smart comedies out there ...

 in fact since we are winding down this year.. I really hope 2013 is better for films and television as for the most part it has been pretty humdrum save for a few..

 I will be putting up my tv series of the year list before the end.. we all love top whatever lists and I succumb.... till then... Happy Viewing :) Please feel free to comment or write to me at


  1. Hi Ayesha, on your recommendation I started to watch Parenthood and now its my replacement for Brothers & Sisters as well as Desperate Housewives :)

    Scandal however I simply can't swallow - gladiators in suits with the head gladiator having an affair with the President - I mean really - its a bit out there!

  2. hahhaahahah first of all thanks for posting your opinion Sahar.. really appreciate your taking the time to do so... secondly... regarding Scandal...that's what I thought too when I first started it... but give it a few episodes and it will grow on you... one of those late blooming type things and yes .. is a bit unrealistic...but fun nonetheless :) Glad you are enjoying Parenthood... that's one of my fav's!!