Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Movie Finally and more TV Stuff

Now I personally love documentaries... specially those that are well done. The History Channel has really outdone itself with its new series. Its not done as a documentary but its steeped in historical facts yet entertaining at the same time


This has been really well done and certainly well worth your time 

Finally managed to watch a film this week. And after a long time.. really enjoyed it

Perks of Being a Wallflower

It is the most delightful film..... you will need a Kleenex box handy have been warned

Another show that I probably have not mentioned enough here is one of my favourite shows

The Good Wife

Script is great.. one falls in love with the characters... love love love it. Putting up a different trailer for you this time... hope you get tempted enough to watch it for yourself

speaking of fun shows here is another one that is in its second season and totally addictive


Just when you think the story is finally wrapping up... a new twist is thrown in keeping you hooked

And from my list of favs.. another one gets on my list... 

the Mindy project

Yes Mindy Kaling's voice (the STAR) of the show, is annoying. Sometimes very annoying. But its a funny light show.. and I try not to miss any of the episodes...

Now before I leave you to go rushing off to catch up on all these wonderful shows and of course the film if you haven't caught it already.. just want to remind  you to please leave a comment or you can write to me at

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